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There will be a massive battle between Akshay and Salman in 2018

There will be a massive battle between Akshay and Salman in 2018

In 2018, Akshay and Salman are going through a terrible battle. We are going to tell you that in 2018, Akshay Kumar will be seen as a villain in the film Robot 2. There were reports that Salman Khan is also going to play negative role in Race 3. Remo D’Souza’s film is about to be released on the Eid of 2018. However, now the twist has come in the story.

Fans were very excited that they will get to see the villain form of superstars like Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan. But rumors say Salman Khan has refused to accept the negative role in Race 3.

It is being told that this film is the strongest role of Race 3. In spite of this, Bhaijaan did not show any enthusiasm in it and he demanded the role of Hero, which is positive. It is rumored that the villain’s character has gone to his friend Aditya Pancholi. Let me tell you that this is not the first time that Salman Khan has turned the character of the villain. Earlier he had also rejected Abbas Mushan’s juggler. Who later met Shahrukh Khan and got a super hit.

Salman Khan has a logic behind Villain’s role. They think that if they become villains then it will not be justice with their fences. They like to see him as a hero, who works well. If they appear in films doing wrong then their fans will get a wrong message.

These conditions laid down by Salman Khan- as seen in Race and Race 2. Anil Kapoor’s character was tried to bring a little humor. Now while there is no Anil in Race 3. Salman has asked the director to have Humor input in the film.

There were many hot scenes in No Hot Scenes Race and Race 2. But Salman has clearly said that there will be no hot scenes in his film. Because their films are for family audiences.

Fans do not give cheating Salman believes that most of his fences are child and young. So, he does not want to present a wrong example by showing things like drugs. So, there will be no such scenes in the film.


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