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Pakistan said to US, not to look India with "CPEC" eye

Pakistan said to US, not to look India with “CPEC” eye

Washington: Pakistan’s Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has urged the US to look at the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) from the perspective of India but not as a financial plan to bring peace and stability to South Asia. Iqbal urged the US to look at Pakistan with its own talent instead of looking at Pakistan with another country.

In his address at Jones Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, he said, “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is not a conspiracy against anyone. This is not a security plan. This is a plan for economic prosperity, which will be invested in energy, infrastructure and other important sectors. ”

Iqbal said that the US worry about the $ 50 billion CPE project is baseless. He said that this will benefit everyone and it will provide a forum for bringing South and Central Asia, Middle East and African countries together.

Iqbal said, “Therefore, I think the US should not see the CPEC with the Indian scenario but rather it should look at the perspective of establishing peace, stability and prosperity in the region.” He said that Pakistan is an independent country. We have our own identity and wish that other countries also respect it.

Iqbal said, “If the US sees this area from India’s perspective, then it will be harmful to the region and the United States. It is very important that the US view this situation from a different perspective rather than any other way. ”

The Trump Administration, while supporting India’s stand on CPE last week, had said that it passes through a dubious territory and that no country should position the pressure under the belt and road initiatives. India did not participate in this year’s conference of the Belt and Road Forum (BRF) in May due to the passing of this project through Pakistan occupied Kashmir.


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