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Has the dispute on Dokalam really resolved?

Has the dispute on Dokalam really resolved?

new Delhi, Dokalam, a name that is now on everyone’s tongue. Dokalam’s dispute is settled right now. But this issue remains in the headlines. The issue of the controversy that lasted for nearly 73 days was done in the last week of August. The tone of the publication of the Chinese government’s generous openings against India was changed, and the way for the BRICS conference in China in the first week of September became clear. In the international community also, the message went away that India would not bow down under any country’s pressure. But some such cases arise from the side of China, which in turn increases the concern of India individually.

Chief of the Army Staff Bipin Rawat named salami slicing. Although an objection was made on behalf of China’s Chief of the Army Chief Bipin Rawat But the Government of India made it clear that the protection of India’s own borders is universal authority. Last Saturday, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman visited Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet Tri Junction. He said in Sikkim that the government is seriously working to meet the needs of the army.

India and China share close to 4643 km long range But strategically, out of 73 proposed roads, only 27 roads have been constructed in the last 15 years, which is 963 km long. Apart from this, construction work on strategically important 14 railway lines has not been started till date, while China has reconstituted the 2.3 million PLA with five theater command to increase its firepower. China’s Western Thierry Command has now been given the responsibility of maintaining the India-China LAC. Earlier it was the responsibility of the maintenance of Lanzhou military territory in Chengdu in the eastern region and the northern region. Experts say that the People’s Liberation Army can quickly deploy the army in the middle of Indo-China Real Border Control (LAC) in the current time. From the side of PLA, seven to eight passes in the radius of five km have been attached to four lanes connected with the LAC.

In Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) China has already built roads, railways and other infrastructure facilities that work in all seasons. In fact, China has deployed 30 divisions in the TAR. Let you know that each division has 15 thousand soldiers. Apart from this, 6 Rapid Action Forces are also deployed. There is a dispute between India and China about 4643 km long border. In the intermediate sector of the LAC, there are Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh which share a length of about 545 km, although there is no sharp clash like Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh in these areas. About 17 years ago, maps related to these areas were also swapped. But conflict with Chinese soldiers in different areas of western Ladakh and Eastern Arunachal Pradesh is common.

A better command and control system is proposed to face any move from China, through which the battalion of the Army from Karakoram to the Lipulek and better coordination in the second unit. For this, a separate corp of three divisions will be formed, of which 45 thousand soldiers will be formed. On behalf of the Army, it has been demanded from the government that connecting all important roads with perennial roads should also be reconstituted as well as contact routes. The army is demanding that in Uttarakhand the policy, Lipu Thangla-1 and Sang-Chokla be connected to perennial roads by 2020 so that the movement of the army can be easily done.


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