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Gold-Silver coming out from sewerage

Gold-Silver coming out from sewerage

Imagine, what if the gold come out from sewer and gutter ? It’s not surprise, Swiss sewer gold and silver are boiling valuable things. Scientists here have recovered about 43 kg of gold and 3 tonnes of silver and other precious metals from the sewage and waste water treatment plant. Scientists believe that the country’s clock-building industry and gold refineries break into gold and silver pieces and move into sewage Go. This amount is very high. It is revealed through a study of the ‘Swiss Federal Office for Environment’. This agency surveyed 64 water treatment plants across the country. In some areas, treatment plants have more gold, so much less.

In southern Switzerland where there are a large number of gold refineries, gold is recovered in much of the sewers. Scientists get even more shocking elements in seawater water. In addition to gold, silver and other rare metals were also recovered in seawater. Researchers estimate that almost every 3 tons of silver flows in the sewers of Switzerland. Not only gold and silver but also more than the sewers Precious things get. Here the cash is also recovered from the sewers.

In the month of September, the Swiss investigators began investigating the case of two Spanish women abducting in the toilet of 120,000 dollars. Geneva police officials had told that they also recovered several torn bills from a toilet of UBS Bank. Investigators suspect that women will be thrown in the cash toilet to get rid of illegal cache.


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