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Aarushi murder case: Questions raised on CBI probe, Allahabad will hear today

Aarushi murder case: Questions raised on CBI probe, Allahabad will hear today

In the Aarushi-Hemraj massacre of 2008, the lower court had convicted the parents of the girl, Nupur and Rajesh Talwar and on Thursday the Allahabad High Court can give its decision. On May 16, 2008, 14-year-old Aarushi’s body was found in a house in Noida, adjacent to Delhi. The next day, the body of Hemraj, who works in the house, was found on the roof of the house. Police said that Rajesh Talwar allegedly reported Aarushi and Hemraj in an abusive situation and killed both of them in anger. On November 26, 2013, the CBI court convicted the Talwar couple. Talwar couple refuses all accusations.

1. The alleged information about the samples collected by the CBI and sent to the laboratory was reportedly tampered with. In the report of the Center for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostic Lab in Hyderabad, it was said that Hemraj’s blood was found on Krishna’s bed located somewhere from Talwar’s house, but the investigators did not take cognizance of it.

2. According to Aviruk, if the report was read carefully, then the Swarup couple’s statement would have been strengthened that no outsider entered the house. A CBI officer, in 2008, wrote a letter to the lab, saying that Hemraj’s pillow and his shell, which was found in the blood, came from Aarushi’s room. From the letter of the CBI officer, the story was strengthened that Hemraj was present in Aarushi’s room with his bed and pillows, Aarushi let them into his room.

3. The CBI said that Aarushi was murdered by Rajesh Talwar with a golf stick which was reportedly well cleared later, but the prosecution presented a second golf stick in the suit. The prosecutor argued that Aarushi’s throat was cut with a knife used by scalpel or dentist. But the CBI has never recovered such scalpel from the Talwar couple here.

4. According to the documents, among the questions complaining in the court, Bharti Mandal was asked whether Bharti had tried to open the door of the Talwar couple’s house? Bharati Mandal said that yes he had touched the door. It was put to mean that Bharti had tried to open the door from the outside because the door was closed from inside. If the door was closed from inside then no one came from outside and the house There was no one other than the Talwar couple.

5. There could be another way of entering Aarushi’s room on which the investigators should pay attention. Before Aarushi’s room, there is a guest restroom which opened to the toilet of Aarushi.

CBI counsel RK Saini said in the Aarushi case on the CBI allegations that he has not read the book ‘Aarushi’ but the matter has been debated in the Supreme Court.
RK Saini says that the manner in which the CBI handled the case, there are courts to look at. These people have gone to 30-40 times higher courts. These people have gone to the High Court, Supreme Court for every single line, every single point, comma, full stop. “


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